Re: How to decide about 2.30 vs 3.0

Am Sonntag, den 11.10.2009, 19:02 +0200 schrieb Vincent Untz:
> However, it certainly makes sense to "formally" contact all the teams
> that had plans for 3.0 and see how they're doing.

I totally agree here.
I think having a "checklist" of [potential] 3.0 topics will help us
ourselves to decide (and to contact the teams).

Feel free to add stuff that I miss here.

      * a11y: webkit/,
        gnome-mag->gnome-shell/, at-spi->at-spi2, gnome-shell?) 
      * gtk3: often late with releases in the past; Removing deprecated
        code from modules is partially still a black hole as efforts
        required for sealing are unclear to me/, also see 
      * dconf/gsettings: how risky for 2.30, 2.32? 
      * gnome-shell 
      * gnome-journal/zeitgeist 
      * mallard (shaunm) 
      * new website 
      * marketing campaign 
      * bindings (fredp, aruiz?): python, C# 
      * libglade: good progress, doable for 2.30
      * bonobo: left: gnome-panel and deps; a11y-framework 
      * libgnome/ui: nearly done (missing: tomboy, gnome-panel) 
      * libsexy: only vino left, 
      * libgnomecanvas: only evo:, 3 days of
      * XDGConfigFolders: 
      * Introspection support status: 
      * future of applets? 
      * unified storage spec?:

Now if every r-t team member tries to get a position and feelings sorted
out for our meeting in two weeks, please? :-)

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