Meeting(s) in november


We're supposed to announce the new modules on November 2nd, and the end
of the new module proposal period ends on October 26th. This means that
we're supposed to hold a meeting between those two dates. That's only
one week-end (Oct 31st and Nov 1st). Our usual time is 18h00 UTC.

Can people make it on either of these days?

Oct 31: Vincent
Nov 1: Vincent

(we can change the time if needed)

We also need to meet about deciding whether we want to ship 2.30 as 3.0.
While the two topics (3.0 and module proposals) are mixed -- think
gnome-shell --, I believe we probably need another meeting to discuss
the 3.0 topic since it might take some time. It might make sense to do a
conf call for this specific topic to have a high-bandwidth medium; I
guess the Foundation could help for that. Is there any other week-end
where you're available?

(fwiw, I'll be away Nov 11th and Sat 17th)



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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