Final say on controversial topics (was Fwd: Appearance properties)


Note: this is not about discussing the appearance stuff below, but a
question about our processes.

I've been talking with some people on irc, and it's not the first time
that it's pointed out that it might be good to have the release team
step up on topics like this one, to either support what the maintainers
are doing or to ask them to change back the code.

So far, we nearly always just supported decisions of maintainers, but
would it make sense to have the release team (or some other group)
"control" things a bit more?


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Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:18:36 +0100
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In GNOME 2.28 some default settings changed for the desktop:
1) In toolbar, text is next to icon instead of below.
2) Icons got removed from menus.
3) Icons got removed from action buttons in dialogs.

1 and 2 were still configurable from gnome-appearance-properties, 3 was
not possible to change (Bug #595341).

And now the whole interface tab was dropped. Making 1, 2 and 3 not
configurable anymore (Bug #592756).

Am I the only one to think something really insane is happening? It
seems all those decisions are taken by a few developers that like
that... This impact the whole desktop and is very visible to all users,
so I think the discussion should be wider. That's why I'm posting here.

So if you agree/disagree with those changes, please tell your opinion! I
would like to know if I'm the only one to be worried.

Xavier Claessens.

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