Re: Request for comment (accessibility team): release date for GNOME 3.0

From: Francesco Fumanti <francesco fumanti gmx net>

> These two paragraphs make me wonder the following:
> - Is there any contact between the GNOME A11y Team and the GNOME Shell 
> developers?
> - Do the GNOME Shell developers know what properties have to be present 
> in the GNOME Shell to make it support a11y? As apparently, the GNOME 
> Shell is still a moving target, the sooner the GNOME Shell developers 
> know what to take care of, the better it will be for everybody; not only 
> for the disabled people requiring assistive tools, but probably also for 
> the GNOME Shell itself to have the best chances to become a widely used 
> desktop. (Is a11y not a requirement under specific circumstances to be 
> even accepted as a candidate for a computer system!?)

Take a look to this two mails in the gnome-shell mailing list:


  A general description from Owen Taylor (one of the main gnome-shell
  developers) about gnome-shell current status , with a paragraph
  related to the accessibility.


  A answer to the previous mail, explaining the current plans for the
  development of Cally (Clutter accessibility library).

> Consequently, if it makes sense, maybe somebody with the required 
> knowledge should contact the GNOME Shell developers to talk directly 
> with them about the a11y in the GNOME Shell and if appropriate, inform 
> them about the properties they should take into account during the 
> development, or the rest of the development. And by these properties I 
> don't mean general guidelines, but very concrete points like complete 
> keyboard navigation, complete pointer navigation, specific 
> interfaces,... (Please, be aware that I don't really know what the 
> necessary properties are; the three points that I gave in the preceding 
> sentence are only guesses.)

Work in process (AFAIK) ...

API (apinheiro igalia com)

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