Re: Request for comment (accessibility team): release date for GNOME 3.0

Hi Francesco:

- Is there any contact between the GNOME A11y Team and the GNOME Shell developers?


- Do the GNOME Shell developers know what properties have to be present in the GNOME Shell to make it support a11y? As apparently, the GNOME Shell is still a moving target, the sooner the GNOME Shell developers know what to take care of, the better it will be for everybody; not only for the disabled people requiring assistive tools, but probably also for the GNOME Shell itself to have the best chances to become a widely used desktop. (Is a11y not a requirement under specific circumstances to be even accepted as a candidate for a computer system!?)

We've pointed out that keyboard traversal, communication with the AT-SPI, and theming are important. These are core fundamental things that the current solution does not provide.

Note that the GNOME Shell team is churning away and developing rapidly. We need them to succeed and provide something sexy for GNOME 3.0. The churn, IMO, is the result of them needing to experiment with various solutions. One important thing is the decision about which graphical toolkit they end up using -- right now, they are using their own fork of NBTK. This toolkit, which is inaccessible, is likely the thing that will end up needing the work. Note, however, that it doesn't make sense to invest heavily in making it accessible if they are going to drop it for something else.

As I mention, I can resign myself to the fact that the message about a11y has been delivered and received. The GNOME Shell team, which is composed of senior members of the GNOME community, has information needed to help them include a11y in their decision making. For now, I'm OK with keeping out of their way, but will keep advocating they include a11y in their decision making processes.

So, on one side, I'm advocating strongly for a11y, and on another I am sensitive to the issues the GNOME Shell team is facing at the moment.


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