gnome 3.0 and gnome-pilot


I'm just replying to Vincent's recent posting to devel-announce-list,
asking for teams' gnome-3.0 status and planning.

I'm the maintainer of gnome-pilot, and I am working through the tasks of
migrating away from deprecated APIs.  The libgnome/libgnomeui work is
pretty much done, and I've started on the GtkType -> GType migration.
After that, the main item remaining is libbonobo -> dbus.

Unless I get some further help, I expect it may be tight getting this
complete for a March release, as I'm no gnome guru and am not getting
much time to spend on this stuff.

... but you might not choose to hold up gnome-3 for gnome-pilot :)



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mcdavey mrao cam ac uk 			-- Gioacchino Rossini.

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