Re: [packagekit] on including gnome-packagekit in 2.30

2009/11/1 Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com>:
> - Is the dbus api stable ? There was some idea to somehow bless that -
> would that be useful at all ?

The DBus API isn't going to change much, but we may have to make small
changes and additions in the future to support other types of backend.
For instance, for debconf support we might have to add a small method
to pass the session socket to the transaction, but that would only
affect deb-supporing backends and be optional.

> - Does it make sense to consider alternative implementations of the PK
> dbus api, or is that a stupid idea, and everybody should just have a
> backend for their package format ?

Sure, having multiple things implement org.freedesktop.PackageKit
seems somewhat silly.

> - Some distributions use the update functionality of PackageKit, but
> do not use PackageKit for installing packages. Can we make that easier
> for them ? And what is there a roadmap for improving the installer to
> a point where it would be an easy choice for all distros to incude it

Well, long term I want the installer to be more of an application
installer, not a package installer. As for the latter item, I would
accept #ifdefs and a configure option to separate the different bits
of gnome-packagekit if distros want that.



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