on including gnome-packagekit in 2.30


we've discussed the inclusion of gnome-packagekit into GNOME 2.29/2.30
in the release team meeting today, and while there was a lot of
positive opinion about gnome-packagekit in general, there were also
some concerns (overlap with some distributors native tools, the
'debconf' problem,...). Before coming to a final decision, we wanted
to discuss some of these points with you:

- Is the dbus api stable ? There was some idea to somehow bless that -
would that be useful at all ?

- Does it make sense to consider alternative implementations of the PK
dbus api, or is that a stupid idea, and everybody should just have a
backend for their package format ?

- Some distributions use the update functionality of PackageKit, but
do not use PackageKit for installing packages. Can we make that easier
for them ? And what is there a roadmap for improving the installer to
a point where it would be an easy choice for all distros to incude it

For the release team,


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