Re: new dependencies in gvfs

David Zeuthen wrote:

> > David, would you formally propose gnome-disk-utility for inclusion in
> > the GNOME Desktop Suite ?
> Sure, that sounds sensible. The long term plan of this work is to have
>  - two libraries, libgdu and libgdu-gtk
>  - a set of applications / utilities
>  - deep integration with GNOME (e.g. Nautilus extensions, panel
>    items / applets, GVfs volume monitor)

Is the separation in libraries and applications already planned for the
2.28 timeframe ?

> These shouldn't be problems for most distros, e.g. Fedora, OpenSUSE,
> Ubuntu, Mandriva etc. all tend to ship bleeding edge stuff _anyway_. It
> might be a problem for other OS'es (DeviceKit-disks is Linux only at the
> moment), jhbuild users and infrequently release distros (such as the
> enterprise releases or Debian). The only answer I have to this is that I
> will ensure that things (like GVfs) will build with --disable-gdu and
> then people can fall back to e.g. the HAL backend or whatever.

With my jhbuild hat on, --disable-gdu for gvfs is really all I need to
satisfy users with older kernels/udev, so that's good to hear.

> releases) for inclusion in the Desktop release set, I'd be more than
> happy to propose gnome-disk-utility.

Great, I added it to
I'll update the JHBuild moduleset soon.

> > Finally, minor technical point: it requires libsexy (for SexyUrlLabel).
> I can ship a local copy if this isn't in GTK+ by the 2.28 release (I
> believe the plan is to get something like this into GTK+).

It would be really useful to have this soon, so gnome-disk-utility can
build on buildbots and in jhbuild.

Matthias, is it planned to have this early in 2.17. ?



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