Re: git update on

Hello Federico,

> > I'd like to move the generation of
> > from a private server to; could a newer git version
> > be installed ? ( as it is on would be ok).
> Git-unrelated question:
> Why is there a GConf column there?  We don't have a replacement for
> GConf...

It was added to get a rough idea of the current situation, especially
when Ryan Lortie told dconf could be possible.  The 3.0 goal is to
remove orbit & friends, the options for gconf is 1) to be ported to
dbus, or 2) to be replaced by dconf; this is still an open question.

It is related to the question Vincent Untz recently posted on

|> I guess the question is: is it worth porting gconf to dbus for
|> GNOME 2.28 (using gconf-dbus, or starting a new port)?


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