Re: AT-SPI/D-Bus integration work needed for GNOME 3.0?


Le mercredi 29 avril 2009, à 11:47 -0400, Willie Walker a écrit :
> Hi All:
> As a result of the AT-SPI/D-Bus hackfest held as Sun Ireland last week,  
> we think we have a high probability of reaching success for supplanting  
> the AT-SPI/CORBA implementation with AT-SPI/D-Bus.  Yeah!  :-)
> I have a question about how to handle the transition.  Currently, the  
> AT-SPI/CORBA solution is hosted in the GNOME git repository.  The new  
> AT-SPI/D-Bus solution is hosted in the git repository  
> and is likely to stay that way.  In addition, to permit the option of  
> introducing incompatible API changes, we're planning on adding a '2' to  
> the module name (e.g., at-spi2).

FWIW, API changes can't happen before GNOME 3. But I guess it's a good
timing :-)

> What impact does the different git repository and the module name change  
> have on the release engineering process?  In particular, what do the  
> AT-SPI/D-Bus tarball providers have to do to help make this happen?  For  
> example, is a new module proposal needed?  Is an "external dependency"  
> now required?  Etc.

The short answer is: this won't be an issue :-)

Change of module name, git repository, tarball locations, etc.: as long
as it's properly announced and we have more than 1 hour to handle it,
it'll be easy.

Is the plan to have at-spi/dbus follow the GNOME release cycle? (if not,
then moving it to an external dep makes sense)
Do you care about staying in the platform or moving to an external dep?



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