Re: [draft] Planning for GNOME 3.0


2009/3/30 Luis Villa <luis tieguy org>:
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 1:46 PM, Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org> wrote:
>> Hence, it makes perfect sense to rework our platform and try to
>> clarify it for newcomers. Here are some steps that should be
>> considered:
>>  - move all of the deprecated libraries out of the platform, so people
>> stop using them in new code;
>>  - create a staging area in the platform for libraries that aim to be
>> in our platform but do not offer enough guarantees at the moment (like
>> GStreamer): this will send a clear message on what should be used;
>>  - rework the way we present the platform to also integrate some of
>> the external dependencies: while, say, D-Bus or Avahi are external
>> dependencies, they are definitely what we want developers to use. And
>> it's easy to be more explicit about this.
>>  - move the bindings closer to the platform when we talk about
>> bindings, to make them even more visible and attract developers from
>> all languages.
>> COMMENT: As noted by Luis, I think we should add a more exciting note
>> here: "welcome platform additions that allows GNOME to improve its
>> user experience and easily integrate with online services such as
>> location-awareness, 3d animations, web services integration, etc.".
> To clarify, I only want it added if it is actually going to happen. :)

Sorry, I forgot to add more context to my suggestion. I think we have
some concrete stuff going on around those topics:
 - librest[1]
 - GeoClue[2]
 - libchamplain[3]
 - empathy (which still has some problems but has a lot of potential)

>>  - Desktop Testing: with the recent creation of the Desktop Testing
>> Team, this topic becomes more and more visible. We can innovate there,
>> and we actually should: we helped show the way in the free software
>> world when it comes to usability and accessibility, and there is no
>> reason for us not aiming at a similar experience for desktop testing.
> I forgot to mention earlier that this is *huge* and very exciting.
> Someone from that team should be on release team and reporting
> regularly on progress.
>> COMMENT: I'd add here "Online Services and Location awareness" as
>> potential areas.
> Again, I think this announce has more value if it sticks to things
> that we know have resources committed to actually making them happen.
> (which may included these categories? dunno.)



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