GNOME 3.0 Roadmap - Release Management

Hi all,

I'm working on the roadmap for GNOME 3.0 now. The idea is to have a
more concrete set of goals for 3.0 and bring more clarity and
transparency to the 3.0 general plans. Instead of doing a current
per-module roadmapping process, I'm trying to use a more topic-based
approach. I think "Release Management" could be one of those topics.
This could be a nice way to plan the release management changes we
want to get done by 3.0.

So, here's the information I'm looking for:

1. Summarize in one sentence/paragraph the goal(s) for Release
Management in GNOME 3.0
2. What are the goals for Release Management in GNOME 3.0?

Some general guidelines:

- For 2, I'm expeting a simple bullet list;
- The items should be as concise and concrete as possible;
- Ideally, the goals listed here should have a good level of
feasibility. Try to avoid "blue sky" type of ideas with no people
actually backing them;
- Try to split those in two milestones: 2.28 and 2.30;
- It would be nice to have the roadmap by June 19.

We can include our ideas for re-scoping the desktop module set, app
certification process, etc. Other ideas? Anyway, I think it would be a
good exercise for us to try to come up with a concrete plan for 3.0.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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