Re: "Gnomifiers" page

Hi Javi,

Le jeudi 28 mai 2009, à 17:32 +0200, Javi a écrit :
> Hello release team,
> After a conversation with Andre Kappler in the IRC, we've created this
> page:
> The objective is:
> "find good software and to contact their developers to suggest them to
> became part of GNOME."
> as the page said
> Hope it be useful and any idea/suggestion is very welcome ;)

This is a good idea! One thing that was discussed at FOSDEM is that we
don't need to make the apps "official" GNOME apps to promote them. Eg,
we could well put pitivi on the front page of to say how
much it's rocking.

Maybe it'd be worth telling the developers that if they don't want to be
part of official GNOME, they are still part of the GNOME world and we'd
love to be able to work with them on promotion.

(pretty sure Lucas has more ideas on this topic)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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