Re: Evolution thoughts for GNOME 3.0

lø., 20.06.2009 kl. 20.54 +0200, skrev Andre Klapper:
> Hi Srini & Chen,
> Am Samstag, den 20.06.2009, 12:04 +0530 schrieb Chenthill:
> > But we also need to consider some patches which have added API and some
> > string changes. There might not be many UI changes, but still there
> > might be some useful ones. I don have the entire list now as we have not
> > discussed/looked over them yet. I have not yet got the GSoc EDS
> > optimization patches, but if I can get them over soon and if its good
> > enough I would love to push them to stable branch along with calendar
> > cache rewrite ( (quoting one case).
> > 
> > Thinking about the freezes API/ABI/Feature freezes coming along in a
> > months time. What about branching for gnome-2-27 immediately after that
> > and starting to merge the kill bonobo stuffs ? This would mean we will
> > not need to think about the merging important patches with freeze breaks
> > into stable. So instead of 9 months we would have 8 months.
> Chen has good points here.
> And Evolution branching early for gnome-2-28 (e.g. when the first
> freezes start) sounds like the best plan to me.
> I just like to ask the Evolution team to please decide on their schedule
> plans early and to communicate them properly so every developers knows
> (as it might be good to be conservative with committing bigger changes
> to master if everybody knows that branching for gnome-2-28 will happen
> "soon". People can wait and commit the bigger changes to master after
> branching for gnome-2-28.)
I also think that branching earlier instead of not at all would be the
best way forward here. Continue developing stuff in branches and merge
when ready. Getting enough testing is the only worry I guess and that's
been handled for kill-bonobo already IIRC. Why not do the same for other
ports/development branches?

> Am Donnerstag, den 18.06.2009, 08:09 +0530 schrieb Srinivasa Ragavan:
> > > I still have not found out when and why libgnomecanvas was
> > > deprecated by the release-team. Maybe someone remembers?
> > I really need the migration path/future plans for this. It will be one
> > thing, that touches every bit of Evolution. Message list, calendar view,
> > addressbook etc.. everything uses GNOME Canvas. I would be happy to
> > continue with gnome-canvas, if possible. 
> Still waiting for release-team members with a better knowledge of
> history (Kjartan maybe?) that can explain the decision to deprecate
> libgnomecanvas.
I'm not sure about this but I think most other projects have moved
towards goocanvas in later years (nautilus being the prominent one).
>From memory I think I can recall that someone argued that requirements
for a canvas widget were very different from program to program and that
it was difficult to make the one canvas widget that will rule them all.

I also wonder how clutter fits into this picture?


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