Re: DeviceKit-Power for 2.26?

Matthias Clasen wrote:

> As Richard explained earlier, g-p-m 2.25 is pretty much a rewrite on
> top of DK-power; so this is not an ifdef deal. Its a distributor
> choice to either ship the (still maintained) g-p-m 2.24.x, or the
> DeviceKit-based 2.26.x.

At the moment g-p-m 2.25.x still has HAL support, iirc it is just
missing the statistics part when building without DeviceKit-power.

 #include "gpm-engine.h"
 #include "gpm-devicekit.h"
 #include "gpm-engine-old.h"

I remember Richard told me he no longer tested the HAL code paths, but
they are still there, and I am just asking for them not to be removed
right now, before 2.26.


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