Meeting minutes (January 18th)


Here are the minutes. Please proofread the part about module decisions
so that we can send this soon.




 Andre Klapper (andre)
 Frederic Crozat (fcrozat)
 Frederic Peters (fpeters)
 Karsten Bräckelmann (guenther)
 Matthias Clasen (mclasen)
 Olav Vitters (bkor)
 Vincent Untz (vuntz) -- taking minutes

 Kjartan Maraas (kmaraas)
 Lucas Rocha (lucasr)

 + module decisions
 + release assignments
 + status update for 2.25/2.26
 + schedule for 2.27/2.28
 + (meeting was too long to discuss anything else)


 + work on the 2.27/2.28 schedule

Frederic P.:
 + update the jhbuild modulesets

 + discuss with anjuta team about libgda dependency
 + send the module decisions on devel-announce-list once reviewed by the
   whole team
 + update the wiki pages

Module decisions

 + brasero (desktop)
   - mixed feelings in the community and in the release team
   - reactive development team
   - directly conflicts with nautilus-cd-burner feature-wise, so if
     accepted, nautilus-cd-burner has to be deprecated
   - fills a need that has been felt by many users
   - used by default on several distributions already
   => approved
   => nautilus-cd-burner is therefore deprecated

 + evolution-mapi (desktop)
   - depends on libmapi, which depends samba4
   - libmapi 0.8.0 will be released in the next few days
   - provides support for exchange 2007 (which evolution-exchange
     doesn't do)
   - some features might not be ready for 2.26 (Password Expiry, Send
     Options, Out-of-Office)
   - possible to choose between evolution-exchange and evolution-mapi at
   => approved
      We'll keep evolution-exchange in 2.26 if possible, to avoid
      regressions for people who do not require exchange 2007 support.

 + farsight 2 (external dependency)
   - needed for empathy
   - will make it possible to offer good VoIP support
   => approved

 + gnome-user-share (desktop)
   - no documentation
   - Bastien wants one capplet to cover vino & gnome-user-share
     preferences (would live in gnome-control-center). This is not
     required for 2.26, but would still be nice if possible.
   - hard depends on libnotify, but looks easy to make this dependency
   => approved
      Even though this was not a blocker, the release team would like to
      see some effort towards writing documentation.

 + libgda (external dependency)
   - needed for anjuta
   - mixed about libgda vs sqlite: some release team people feel that
     anjuta needs would be satisfied with sqlite which is already an
     external dependency
   - the symbol db plugin could be optional
   - switching anjuta to sqlite probably requires some non-negligible
   => discuss with anjuta people to see how much they really need libgda
      vs sqlite and if the symbol db plugin can be made optional

 + libical (external dependency)
   - needed to remove the fork from evolution-data-server
   - less duplication is good
   => approved

 + libmapi (external dependency)
   - needed for evolution-mapi
   - see evolution-mapi rationale
   => approved

 + libnotify (external dependency)
   - widely used
   - would be nice to have a more active development
   - feature that should live in GTK+ in the future (when dbus can be
     used there)
   - the release team wants to stress out that it should really not be
     abused (as it tends to be)
   => approved

 + libproxy (external dependency)
   - needed for libsoup
   => approved

 + libseed (external dependency)
   - one game in gnome-games uses it
   - too early to know how used it will be, and how the community reacts
     from a libseed vs gjs point of view
   - good to see libseed and gjs developers talk about making things
   => rejected

 + Mono.Addins (external dependency)
   - needed to remove the version bundled with tomboy
   - less duplication is good
   => approved

 + notification-daemon (external dependency)
   - not really a build-time dependency, so not strictly needed
   - still use libsexy
   - would be nice to have a more active development
   - would be nice to see the new development going on after the
     discussion in December
   - libnotify has API to detect the capabilities of a running
     notification daemon
   => rejected, but because it's orthogonal to our external dependencies
      (it's like apache for gnome-user-share)

 + pulseaudio (external dependency)
   - needed for gnome-volume-control
   - general consensus that it's the way forward, even though it's a
     bumpy road for some users
   => approved

 + samba4 (external dependency)
   - actually not directly needed for evolution-mapi
   => put it in the list of dependencies of our dependencies

 + unique (external dependency)
   - needed for nautilus and other modules
   - feature that should live in GTK+ in the future, but it's nice to
     have it now
   => approved

 + webkit (external dependency)
   - epiphany and yelp won't use it for 2.26
   - evolution is still using gtkhtml
   - devhelp uses it (we used an old branch for 2.24)
   - still not ready for accessibility
   - the release team is happy to see the WebKit/GTK+ people willing to
     release more often, and willing to fix the accessibility issue for
   => rejected

 + dropping gnome-volume-manager (from desktop)
   - all useful features are now handled by nautilus and other modules
   => approved

 + moving intltool to an external dependency (instead of platform)
   - not a GNOME-only technology
   - we did such a move for libxml2 in the past
   => approved

Release assignments
 2.25.5   Jan 21 Lucas
 2.25.90  Feb 4  Frederic P. (with help from Vincent)
 2.25.91  Feb 18 Frederic C.
 2.25.92  Mar 4  Vincent
 2.26.0   Mar 18 Vincent
 2.26.1   Apr 15 Matthias

Status update for 2.25/2.26
Andre shares this link:,needinfo+gnome-target%3E=2.26.x

Schedule for 2.27/2.28
Andre will work on this, with the help of the scripts.
Note that 2.28 can possibly be the last release before 3.0. We'll
discuss this further later (meeting was too long already).

Next meeting
The next meeting will occur between 2.25.92 and 2.26.1, ie in March or
April. There might be one before to discuss GNOME 3.0, though.

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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