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Israel?s National Orgasm
By Mark Glenn
Friday, 16 January 2009

I remember first hearing it in college, and while initially I recoiled somewhat at the base, crass language used in expressing it, after considering it intellectually was forced to concede the undeniable truth contained in it:

    A hard dick has no conscience?

I apologize to the reader, because if it is one thing we don?t need more of right now, it is the already-overwhelming vulgar, disrespectful sexual discourse that pervades (and perverts) much of our world these days as a result of western (Jewish) media?s control of language and themes. For the record, I generally shy away from, well, ?sensitive? themes such as this, and for the simple reason that I hold ?it??meaning sex?to be something sacred. Given to us as a gift by our creator, in my opinion it is not something to be handled coarsely, discussed crudely or made to be the butt of adolescent-level jokes as it has in ?western? (again, meaning Jewish) media.

However, as I said there is an undeniable truth associated with this statement that figures powerfully in the present situation in the Middle East and in particular the bloodshed in Gaza. Sexually-starved individuals who haven?t ?had it? in a long time get nutty and are capable of doing all sorts of things to get their rocks off. Like some frat boy accustomed to getting his way all the time, he?ll spend every dime he has trying to get his victim drunk, promise her the moon and the stars, tell her she?s the most beautiful thing her has ever laid eyes on and is madly in love with her and ?let?s get married right now? and blah, blah, blah, just so he can satisfy his biological urge and lighten his load, no pun in tended.

And sometimes, when all these things don?t work, he?ll resort to ?Plan B? which is violence and rape. He won?t think of what might happen down the road?of arrest, imprisonment, or even an angry father who might come calling with a baseball bat or shotgun. All he knows is that his animal nature to invade and conquer some soft, defenseless territory where he can leave his footprint behind is screaming at him and he can?t stand the noise any longer. And this later scenario is particularly the case with repeat offenders who have gotten away with it in the past and who might even hold a certain amount of influence with powerful political people who can pick up the phone and order an investigation or prosecution quashed.

Therefore, as the images continue pouring in of the destruction of human life and the deliberate holocaust being waged against civilians (mostly women and children) in Gaza by that ?Light among nations??Israel?people around the world are asking the question ??Where is Israel?s conscience????

It is more than a fair question to ask, and on many levels, the first of which is that we in the Gentile world have been lectured now for generation after generation concerning our own ?moral shortcomings? and how, inversely, ?superior? is the moral quality of the Jews. Remember, the term ?God?s chosen people? did not begin with us, but with them. For ages now, collectively speaking they have been sticking a bony, accusatory finger in our face (and particularly since that great burnt offering known as the Holocaust took place) saying ?This is your fault?Look what you have done to us throughout the ages?You Gentiles have no decency?You have no morals?Goddamn you all??

Well, given the events of the last 19 days, and the fact that these ?morally superior? people who consider themselves a ?light among nations? are on record now having bombed hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, medical clinics, shot women and children in the head, used white phosphorous on civilians (a deliberate violation of the Geneva convention) and a whole host of other war crimes that will surely be revealed in the days and weeks to come, it is perfectly appropriate to ask the same question of them?WHERE IS YOUR CONSCIENCE, YOU SELF-DESCRIBED ?LIGHT AMONG NATIONS??

The answer is that?short of a few aberrations here and there?there isn?t a peep of protest to be heard from within the Jewish community, and for the simple reason expressed at the beginning of this essay concerning the physical characteristics of a certain male appendage. The word?both from within the Jewish state and throughout the Diaspora is that what is taking place is, well, ?simply splendid?. Other hallelujahs such as ?fantastic? and ?great? and ?long-overdue? have been belched out in various news stories the last few weeks as well and absent those there are the now-infamous still photos to consider?Israeli troops holding hands in that great big ?circle of love? and dancing the Hora just prior to the forced penetration of Gaza?The pics of Israeli teenagers, sitting on their lawn chairs from an elevated position with cokes in hand and smiles on their wretched faces, giggling and gawking as they watch the slaughter in Gaza take place a few miles away as if they were peepi
 ng-tom voyeurs at the Roman coliseum watching Christians being fed to the lions or gladiators hacking one another to pieces.

And the ?enthusiasm? expressed by the Jewish community as a whole is not just of the average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill brand, manifesting itself in slight smiles and nods of approval by those concerned. Rather, it is loud, ecstatic, orgasmic and orgiastic, so much so that it is disconcerting to the rest of the peaceful, peaceable world trying to concentrate on whatever the business at hand happens to be at the moment.

And the reason for this display, this exhibitionism on the part of Jewish interests is simple?it (meaning the carnage in Gaza) is exactly as it appears?an orgy of religiously/culturally inspired violence, the celebration of which is Israel?s national orgasm.

Like some now-freaky chick continuously molested in her youth by her dad and uncles, it is obvious now that the Jewish state cannot engage in normal intercourse with other people. Having grown up in a highly-dysfunctional family environment full of endless abuse by her elders she has developed perverse, demented needs and urges, and all centered around bringing pain to others. This abuse began within the pages of her Old Testament that glorified the invasion, conquest, genocide and enslavement of ?the other? and now, thousands of years later, these fantasies have festered within the national soul of her people to the point that they collectively have become like any kidney stone that has grown to the size of a golf ball, which cannot pass through the system by ordinary means and that brings excruciating, debilitating pain that drives the patient to madness.

No, for the Jewish state and her people spread throughout the world, intercourse with ?the other? has to be violent, torturous and public. Her pleasure is derived as a result of watching others bleed and plead for mercy. While other nations throughout the entirety of history have flourished because of their willingness to engage in friendly, mutually-beneficial intercourse with others, Israel (and the Jewish people as a whole) have gone in the opposite direction. For them, ?getting off? can only take place when whips, chains, and torture devices are used on ?the other?. Whereas for other peoples and for-the-most-part healthy nations,? intercourse? with others is an expression of affection and something done to bring life and vitality to both parties, whereas for Israel, it is an expression of hatred and the bringer of death.

And make no mistake?it is not simply some role playing thing for them, but rather the real deal. And it is nothing new. It has ALWAYS been this way. Like a serial rapist with unnatural urges who must have certain spices added to the mix to appease his taste buds and achieve his release, Israel can only achieve this by causing other Gentiles pain. She is the author of S&M, a dominatrix who wields the whip like an executioner and is not moved by the screams of pain from her victims.

You see, Israel has been dying for it?for years, this type of rough, brutal sex with her neighbors. The most recent attempt at this ?national orgasm? of anti-gentile violence was in 2006 with the 34-day war against Lebanon. Everything had been set up meticulously. She sent her two soldiers across the border where she KNEW Hezbollah was operating and they would be taken as prisoners of war. As soon as they were?BATTA BOOM?she had her excuse to rape and sodomize her gentile neighbor to the north.

As it turned out though, her rape victim did not lie down and take it quietly. Having been through this once before, Lebanon decided she would not again be a victim. She fought and kicked and screamed (which?when considering the Jewish aspect to it all and that there was suffering involved?would have made the whole thing even more enjoyable) and the rapist was forced to flee for his life, leaving him high and dry, frustrated and frightened. It was a blow to the national manhood of the Jewish state that has left its people afraid that it might be a harbinger of things to come, where the mighty Jewish state is not able to subdue its gentile victims as easily as it has been in the past.

Having missed out on her chance with Lebanon, she then began making eyes towards Iran as the next victim. The problem for her was that Iran also is capable of warding off any attack as well, and Uncle Same has thus far refused to participate as Israel?s proxy in the same type of gang rape as took place in Iraq and Afghanistan. That left Gaza as the only viable possibility, but wanting to make sure that it went off as smoothly as possible, she made sure to add the misery of a year-long embargo on the people, starving them of food, water, medicine, fuel, clothes, anything that might make the human condition easier to endure.

And she, being the bold/in-your-face/I don?t-give-a-fuck-if-you-don?t-approve type operator, Israel has to do it in the open. With every bomb dropped on every home, with every bullet that hits its mark (usually in the chest of a child or the head of some woman) she grabs her crotch with one hand and with the other sticks her bony middle finger up right in the face of the gentile world and says in effect?

?Fuck you gentiles, f*** your Jesus Christ, f*** your Mohammed and f*** your backwards morality. We are Jews and we can do whatever the f*** we want and you can?t say a f******* thing about it.?

The fact is though that the current slaughter is really not THAT different from all the others that have taken place since ?48. Relatively speaking it is ?BAU,? meaning business as usual with the Jewish state. It has been slaughtering gentiles for over 60 years and now is no different.

Yes, as hard as it for the rest of the Gentile world to grasp it, there really ARE sick fu?, well, sick ?puppies? out there who LIKE watching others suffer. Pick up the newspaper any day of the week and you?ll read about such creatures. I remember reading about several child snuff-porn rings that were broken up a few years ago and how there were people paying as much as $10,000.00 a piece for DVDs showing little kids being raped and tortured to death. In one case, Jewish gangsters from the former Soviet Union were selling movies featuring a set where children as young as 2 years old, captured from various places around the world were tied down to a star-of-David shaped altar, raped and then killed. One disgruntled customer was recorded on tape complaining to his supplier that the last one he received didn?t have what he wanted, which was ?To see them die?.

When it comes to Israel however, it is a different matter. Being that the Jewish state is but the extension of Jewish thinking which is but the extension of the Jewish religion, the suffering of ?the other? takes a different place than it does in other nations and religions. There is no other religion in the world that revels at the suffering of ?the other? as Judaism does. No other religion that has religious feasts such as Passover and Purim dedicated to celebrating the death and suffering of others. Only Judaism and only the Jews have such things.

But what more would we expect? After all, killing of others for religious reasons began with the Jews and their Old Testament. If the accounts in Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges and the others are to be believed, the ancient Israelites slaughtered some 31 cities?every man, woman, child, ox, sheep, goat, and donkey?by the time they were done with the process of ethnic cleansing of the Promised Land.

And the important thing to remember about this is that there has never been a repudiation of these things by the Jewish community. Not once has there been an official proclamation (as other religions are forced to do about their history of ?anti-Semitism?) where breasts are beaten, apologies are issued and reparations are paid. Because, you see, with every bomb that falls and kills a gentile, it is a reaffirmation that God still loves them. With every Palestinian child maimed?physically or mentally?it is like ?Big Blue??meaning the cultural/religious version of the Viagra tablet?that helps them deal with their impotence as a nation. To ?God?s chosen people,? blowing the arms and legs off innocent gentile children is no different than the class sicko who likes pulling wings off of flies.

Call it crude or crass or whatever, but it is what it is, and we ignore it to our own peril, fellow earthlings. And no, I don?t think ALL Jews by virtue of their religious nature are violent-minded masochists, just 99.9999999999999999999% of them. Indeed, I will be the first to state with no reservation that there is one out of, oh, I don?t know, a few million who isn?t, and the reasons for these unnatural appetites on the part of Israel and her people is not as much a mystery as some might imagine.

Just as virtually all molesters were themselves molested in their youth, so too is this the case with the Jewish people. You see, the Jews REALLY ARE the most persecuted group of people in history, just as they say. Where they are wrong however is the type of abuse they received and who it was dishing it out.

They have been abused by an IDEA, namely that of all the creatures in God?s Garden of Eden that they were the most beautiful and cherished. This idea, which cannot but pit them against the rest of the creatures in the garden in a state of perpetual war, has been the sole source of their troubles now for thousands of years. This ?I am better than you and can do whatever the hell I want to you by virtue of being Jewish? is the root cause of all persecution, all pogroms, all holocausts, all ?anti-Semitism? and all ?terrorism? as it is called today. The abusers and molesters in this case have been the leaders of the Jewish community who?like drug pushers on children?have injected this addictive substance known as Jewish thinking into the minds and hearts of their people and who have profited handsomely off of the unavoidable outcome of fostering such madness. They have created an entire civilization of addicts to this ?superman? narcotic known as Jewish thinking, substance abuser
 s who?morally and ethically speaking?have been reduced to animals and are willing to do anything when under the influence of this terrible, soul-destroying drug known as Judaism.

If there is ever to be peace in this world, if such a thing is indeed possible, than it is of paramount importance that the molesters and drug pushers of this tortured community known as the Jews be rounded up and dealt with as any criminals should. Until that time, the rest of the world will have to deal with the unavoidable consequences of allowing serial rapists to prowl the streets looking for innocent victims such as those in Gaza who then become the target of their religiously-inspired wrath

Source: http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2009/01/15/bloodshed-in-gaza-and-beyond-israel%e2%80%99s-national-orgasm/


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