Re: Team updates needed for the 2009 Q2 GNOME Quarterly Report by July 31st

(release-team: this is a small quarterly report from the release team,
for the March-June period)

Le samedi 08 août 2009, à 10:41 -0600, Stormy Peters a écrit :
> Ping?
> It can be something short.

Got way too distracted, sorry :/

Here's something (rough draft, feel free to edit, fix the english, etc.)


The last quarter was an incredibly active quarter for the Release Team.
In addition to the usual GNOME releases that happen every three weeks in
average (covering 2.25, 2.26 and 2.27 releases during this quarter),
some important topics were discussed, followed by decisions.

The very beginning of the quarter started with a focus on 2.26.0 (which
went out mid-March), with the Team handling last-minute freeze break
requests and making sure all modules would have a new version out by
2.26.0. One of the hot topic that was discussed a lot was the state of
session saving in gnome-session, and how to fix the regressions in this
area with minimal risks for the stability of the desktop.

After 2.26.0 went out, we coordinated an announcement with the sysadmin
team about the switch to the git version control system, a topic that
was debated for a long time within the community.

After quite some preparation work that happened since GUADEC 2008, the
GNOME 3.0 planning was finally set in stone and properly announced via a
document explaining what are the goals of this new version and how we
want to achieve them. With this work, the Release Team wants to help the
project focus on a specific vision.

The 3.0 announcement enabled us to finalize the 2.28 schedule and to
actually issue a joint schedule for GNOME 2.28 and 2.30/3.0, making
GNOME 2.28 an evolutionary step towards 3.0.

Finally, the Release Team had a meeting at the beginning of the 2.27
development cycle, where we did a post-mortem on 2.26, and prepared the
work on 2.27. One noticable change that was discussed and that can be
implemented for the 2.29 development cycle is moving the module proposal
period earlier in the cycle, so we can announce earlier the decisions
and give more time to maintainers to properly integrate the new modules.



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