Re: Modules with no stable release for 2.24.0

Le mardi 23 septembre 2008, à 13:26 +0200, Christian Persch a écrit :
> Hi;
> > Here's a quick list of modules that seem to still only have an unstable
> > release. If you want someone to release a tarball for you, please reply.
> > 
> > gconf-editor           2.23.91
> There's a problem with gconf-editor, bug #551943. In short, it has no
> COPYING file in SVN (never had one, not even in the initial import to
> CVS all those years ago !), and one important C file has no copyright
> header (never had one), so I don't think I can just go and add one. Any
> advice how to proceed here?

Ah, didn't know. I went ahead and made a release since it was only
translation updates.

So, no COPYING shouldn't be that much of an issue: I guess the tarballs
all contain the GPL since the autotools add it. It's my understanding it
was always released as GPL (even by its initial authors), so we can just
add it.

For the missing copyright header, it's harder. I guess it should be
possible to look at who added it with svn logs.


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