Re: Dependency bump request for Clutter

Am Dienstag, den 21.10.2008, 15:11 -0500 schrieb Jason D. Clinton:
> 0.6 was cleared for use for 2.24 but no module actually ended up using
> it. I would like to request that the dependency be bumped to 0.8.2.
> Aisleriot now supports Clutter thanks to the work of Neil Roberts. The
> gnome-games team is committed to releasing 2.26 with some Clutter
> support.
> For 2.26, the 0.8 series seems like the way to go. As we near release,
> I may update this bump request to the 1.0 API.

As no project is currently using the dependency there's no reason to not
bump the requirement. Feel free to edit and update
the jhbuild moduleset.

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