Gtk2-Perl: SVN migration, Bugzilla

Aloha Olav,

with 2.24 out, I'd like to resume work on the SVN migration. I'll prepare SVN dumps for each of the new "perl-*" repositories. Is it OK for you if I put those in my home directory on Or do you have a different preferred way of sending you the SVN dumps?

Did you get any additional account requests from gtk2-perl people, apart from muppet (Scott Arrington)? If so, I'd need to know their account name so I can transform their user IDs correctly. For all the rest without GNOME account, I'll just prepend "x-" to their Sourceforge user name, like we discussed.

And lastly, Bugzilla. Currently, we have a "gnome-perl" product with one component for each of our module. This is convenient because it makes it easy to get an overview of all our bugs. But I think you said you preferred one product per SVN module. Does this apply in our case? Or can we just continue with the current setup?


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