Re: epiphany 2.24.2 build failure

Le mercredi 26 novembre 2008, à 13:04 +0100, Jan de Groot a écrit :
> I checked the epiphany 2.24.* versions, all have the same
> generated by libtool 1.5.26-1ubuntu1. On archlinux, where we use libtool
> 2.2.6a at this moment, we have no problems building epiphany releases
> without libtoolize magic. Do you have some outdated libtool 2.x version
> on your system which is not completely backwards compatible with 1.5.x?
> Note that when I'm running things like aclocal on a tarball, I usually
> have to relibtoolize when in the tarball is older than my
> local libtool installation.

I have libtool 2.2.6 -- and it's the only package I had this issue with.
Anyway, not a blocker for the release, IMHO.



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