Re: epiphany 2.24.2 build failure

On Wed, 2008-11-26 at 12:44 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> > This is due to the libtool version on your system, combined with the
> old
> > libtool version that was used to generate the epiphany tarball. I
> see
> > this bug on Archlinux a lot, where we ship libtool 2.2.x. Usually I
> fix
> > this by running "libtoolize --force", followed by the usual ac/auto*
> > commands to regenerate the rest.
> That's what I understood when I looked for this error on the web. But
> this still sounds like a bug: this shouldn't happen. Not sure where is
> the bug, though.

This is fixable by using a more recent version of libtool in the shipped
tarballs. AFAIK, libtool 2.2.x needs a variable set ($ECHO) that was
introduced in the late 1.5 series.
Some distributions still ship older versions of libtool that don't set
this variable, resulting in the errors you posted. Another solution is
to include a copy of the required libtool files instead of using the
system-installed versions. I don't think this should be done, because
libtool developers advise not to do so.

I checked the epiphany 2.24.* versions, all have the same
generated by libtool 1.5.26-1ubuntu1. On archlinux, where we use libtool
2.2.6a at this moment, we have no problems building epiphany releases
without libtoolize magic. Do you have some outdated libtool 2.x version
on your system which is not completely backwards compatible with 1.5.x?
Note that when I'm running things like aclocal on a tarball, I usually
have to relibtoolize when in the tarball is older than my
local libtool installation.

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