Re: Unannounced string additions to the gvfs stable branch (gvfs r2101 - in branches/gnome-2-24)

Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:

>  - have someone from r-t announce/explain this string addition to
>    gnome-i18n gnome org  A "sorry for the miscommunication" would be nice.
>  - add back the translation markers in the stable branch, instead of
>    forcing a *very visible* (it appears in the Locations panel menu!)
>    untranslatable strings upon users.
>  - make sure translators have some time (2 weeks, I'd say) to update their
>    translations and make a new release.
> How about that?

Looks fine to me, I could even tackle the explanation and excuse to
the i18n effort.  Alex: are you ok adding the markers now and making
a new release of the 2.24 branch in two weeks?



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