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On Nov 8, 2008, at 9:32 AM, Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:

Vincent Untz wrote:
I'm wondering (and I don't know if it's a good idea or not): with the
move of the svn, are you considering also releasing the tarballs on the GNOME FTP like all other modules? This would mean you just release your tarballs and the release scripts will do all the magic to find them :-)

Our plan is to do the move in steps: first the code, then the tarballs, then the web site.

[snip description of issues]

muppet, what do you think?

The tarball names on CPAN are pretty much set. As a perl binding, we are beholden to the rules of the perl community. However, i see no real problem with renaming the tarballs when they get uploaded to the gnome ftp server.

We initially picked version numbers that are plain floating point numbers rather than the dotted triples for exactly the reasons you outlined --- compatibility with CPAN, and avoiding the need for a non- core dependency. We probably should've used the old-school perl versioning of x.yyyzzz from the beginning, instead of x.yyz, as we are limited to micro versions 0 through 9.

The question of whether to sync the binding modules' versions with their upstream counterparts' versions came up early on. As i recall, we decided that matching version numbers was unnecessary, because we support all stable releases of the upstream with all stable releases of the binding. Therefore, the typical rationale that you need to know which version of the binding is compatible with which version of the upstream is a bit moot; always use the latest binding, regardless of what upstream you have. This is somewhat complicated by support for new symbols, but that's another discussion.

Luckily, the modules themselves are at versions that start with 1, so we could move to a new versioning scheme without apparent backward movement by bumping the first number to 2. If we did this, i would choose the x.yyyzzz scheme.

But i, too, am reluctant to change the version number scheme. I can be convinced, but it has to be good. ;-)

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