Re: Gtk2-Perl 2.25.1

Vincent Untz wrote:
I'm wondering (and I don't know if it's a good idea or not): with the
move of the svn, are you considering also releasing the tarballs on the
GNOME FTP like all other modules? This would mean you just release your
tarballs and the release scripts will do all the magic to find them :-)

Our plan is to do the move in steps: first the code, then the tarballs, then the web site.

There are two issues with moving our tarballs to the tarball names and their version numbers. We can change our tarball names easily: we'll just prepend 'perl-' like we did for the repository names.

Changing our version numbering scheme is harder and I'm much more reluctant to do it. There are two parts to this issue: adopting a "major.minor.micro" scheme and synchronizing the actual numbers to the GNOME release version numbers. The first part is the hard one: currently, our version numbers are just that, numbers. Many things in the CPAN world read out version numbers from modules for various reasons, and they would likely break if we simply switched to the "major.minor.micro" scheme.

There are some ways to solve this. One is to use the [1] module which automatically handles converting between the various version number schemes. Unfortunately, it is not part of perl 5.8 (it was added to perl 5.10), so we would acquire a non-core dependency which we usually try to avoid.

Another possible solution would be to find a way to encode the "major.minor.micro" information into a plain floating point number., for example, does 2.26.2 <-> 2.026002. I guess we would have to add support for to install-module and the release-team scripts. I'd volunteer to do this.

muppet, what do you think?

[1] <>, which also contains a good explanation of the version number issues in Perl land.

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