Cleanup tasks

During a recent release team meeting, the idea was brought up that we
should put forward some "non-mandatory cleanup tasks" that we'd like
to see some progress on during this development cycle. Because,
everybody loves to clean up, right ?!

Completing these cleanup tasks for 2.26 will make the move to GTK+ 3
at some point in the future much easier, and it will give us a leaner,
cleaner codebase.

Anyway, here is the list of things that we came up with:

- Continue the "degnomification" that is already off to a good start:

- Complete the move from gnome-vfs to GIO:

- Stop using deprecated GLib interfaces:

- Stop using deprecated GTK+ interfaces:

- Adapt to the new single-include policy in GLib/GTK+:

Of course, the other goals that are listed on are also worthy of tackling...


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