Thumbnail purging in g-s-d


I'd like to get the r-t's collected opinions on whether we could
include thumbnail cache purging [1] in the next stable release of
gnome-settings-daemon. Technically, this would be a feature freeze

The patch just adds a (relatively small and simple) plugin to g-s-d
[2]. The plugin basically runs a few minutes after the session starts,
and once per day afterwards, and prunes old thumbnails (>60 days by
default) from the user's thumbnail cache (~/.thumbnails) or cuts it
down to the configured size (defaults to 64 MB).

There is evidence [3] of performance issues when the thumbnail cache
gets too big. While this change doesn't fix (all of) the underlying
problems, it does help to keep the user's home nice and tidy.

We could even have the plugin disabled by default which would result
in zero effect on users who don't enable it explicitly. I'd prefer to
enable it, though.


[2] The patch also adds some GConf schema entries to libgnome.

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