Re: Making the next gnome-applets depend on libgweather.

2008/1/14 Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>:

> > Comments, criticisms?
> I'm slightly concerned by this ... libgweather does something pretty
> interesting (to a small set of consumers) but the API is no way ready
> for any sort of freezing. It has serious namespace and memory management
> issues, among other things.
> I don't think there is any proposal here to make libgweather part of the
> platform, but a) is there clear messaging about the API status? b) how
> would a transition to an incompatible new version be handled?

Pretty much like for any other instable api, I think.
Users will have to check for a version they support and will have to be ported.

Do you want us to do the -DI_SWEAR_I_KNOW_LIBGWEATHER_IS_UNSTABLE dance ?
That is easy enough, if you think it helps.


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