Re: Rethinking "Supported language"


>   - accerciser
>   - anjuta
>   - devhelp
>   - gdl
>   - glade3
>   - gnome-build
>   1.  None of the programs are intended for regular users. Therefor it's
>       unreasonable to treat them as such when deciding whether a translation
>       is officially "supported".
>   2.  Developers will generally use those programs in English anyway. I dare
>       to say that there is not a single Dutch speaking user that wants to a
>       program such as Glade or Accerciser in Dutch. Translating lots of
>       strings that will never be visible to users is just a waste of time.
>       Note that most translation teams have very limited resources.
>   3.  Since those programs contains more than 3000 strings (3144 according
>       to my last count), they account for a substantial part of the total
>       number of strings (somewhere in the around 40.000). This very
>       negatively impacts the percentage indicating the translation coverage.

I disagree here as user/translator and developer of anjuta, gdl and
gnome-build. Why do you think that nobody will want to use those in his
native language? That would impose that we say developers have to speak
english! Of course most will but it should be possible to start without
good knowledge of the english language.

Of course there are certain strings that you might leave untranslated
because there is now equivalent in your language. Thinks like "stack
trace", "stack frame", "debugger", etc. Anyway, there are lots of other

Of course Anjuta (1700 strings) is a big module and I can understand
when some teams won't make it for this release. But remember that gdl is
used by some other modules, namely gtranslator and will likely have some
more users in the future.


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