Re: GNOME 2.25.3 unstable tarballs due

Vincent Untz wrote:

> > Thanks for the offer! I'm releasing all my modules that need releasing
> > right now, except gnome-panel -- I'd like to commit a few more things
> > there if I find time to hack in train/plane. But worst case, I've
> > updated NEWS & for gnome-panel, so someone can just update
> > the ChangeLog, run "make distcheck" and get a 2.25.3 gnome-panel
> > tarball.
> I didn't have time to even check out my mails, so if someone wants to
> roll a tarball, feel free to go ahead.

As all applets are broken in my test environment on a missing call to
g_threads_init() I don't feel confident at all releasing 2.25.3 of


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