Re: major libgweather Locations updates

Am Sonntag, den 03.08.2008, 21:24 -0400 schrieb Dan Winship:
> I've just committed a huge update to libgweather's
> >From an i18n perspective, the big changes are that a lot of strings
> representing airport names, etc, went away and were replaced with actual
> city names. Also, many city names in some countries were replaced with
> better-localized/better-transliterated versions.

Uhm. This has decreased all translations by 5-6% which is A LOT:
I'd prefer to revert this change and get it in early for 2.25 so teams
have enough time to translate - now it's only 7 weeks left and a lot of
other modules to translate for most teams, too.
But I'm not a translator so I'd like to see opinions of other teams.

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