Meeting minutes (August 3rd)


Here are the minutes from today's meeting. I didn't even proofread them,
so please look at them -- especially the module proposal part, so that
we can send the announce quickly.




 Andre Klapper (andre)
 Frederic Crozat (fcrozat)
 Karsten Bräckelmann (guenther)
 Matthias Clasen (mclasen) -- left before the end
 Olav Vitters (bkor)
 Vincent Untz (vuntz) -- taking minutes

 Lucas Rocha (lucasr)

 Kjartan Maraas (kmaraas)

 + membership changes
 + module decisions
 + release assignments
 + schedule for 2.25/2.26
 + status update for 2.23/2.24
 + 3.0 (if enough time)


 + mail gdm-list with a release team hat to make the major issues
   blocking adoption of the new gdm explicit
 + work on the 2.25/2.26 schedule

 + announce that Matthias is replacing John Palmieri in the team
 + send the module decisions on devel-announce-list once reviewed by the
   whole team

Membership changes
John has left the team and proposed Matthias to replace him. Everybody
agrees that Matthias will do a great job. Thanks to John for his help in
the past few years and warm welcome to Matthias!

Module decisions

 + clutter (external dependency):
   - general consensus around it and people want to play with it
   - there's not a lot of code depending on it right now (not sure
     there'll be anything in the 2.24 timeframe) but it's a chicken &
     egg problem and people have really shown interest in it
   => approved
      It's important to not have clutter-only UIs for now (for
      accessibility reasons), though.

 + libcanberra (external dependency):
   - some +1 on the lists, and already used in some parts of GNOME
   - would have been nice to see it come earlier in the cycle
   => approved

 + libgda (external dependency):
   - applications using libgda are not ported to 4.0 yet
   - no real support on the mailing list
   => rejected
      For the anjuta plugin using it: we suggest to either make it
      optional or ship it separetely of the main anjuta module.

 + PolicyKit & PolicyKit-gnome (external dependencies):
   - the plan is to have PolicyKit-gnome in the desktop set for 2.26
   - people are already using it and there's some good consensus around
   - helps improve accessibility of security-related UIs
   - this is a good first step towards inclusion in the desktop set
   => approved

 + WebKit/GTK+ (external dependency):
   - lots of community support
   - accessibility support might not be good enough (no reply from
     WebKit/GTK+ people)
   - epiphany will still use Gecko for 2.24
   - yelp is still using Gecko at the moment (there's a WebKit branch)
   - devhelp trunk is WebKit-only
   - evolution people intend to use WebKit in 2.26
   - we'd prefer to avoid depending on both Gecko and WebKit at the same
   => rejected for 2.24, but we'll propose a general switch for 2.26

 + conduit (desktop)
   - amazing participation of the maintainer in the discussion
   - the major problem still is the UI, though. We think it should be
     mainly integrated in the applications that will use synchronization
     instead of being a brand new UI.
   - we really want what conduit offers
   => rejected, but we bless it as an external dependency so that
      applications can start using it, and so that it gets ready for
      integration in 2.26.

 + empathy (desktop)
   - we only consider the application here and trust the telepathy plans
     to offer LGPL libraries
   - empathy is getting some support in the community
   - we want to start telepathy integration
   => approved, but the licensing question is highly important to us and
      we really urge the telepathy community to fix this

 + project hamster (desktop)
   - well-maintained
   - people like it
   - the main objection is about whether we should accept all good
     software in official GNOME or not. The release team thinks it's
     something that the 3.0 proposal aims to fix, so that shouldn't be
     considered at the moment.
   => approved if moved in GNOME SVN
      SVN module should be created (bug #545049), releases should be
      published on the GNOME FTP and the module should be added to
      Damned Lies.
      Also following the GNOME version numbers would be good.

 + gtksourceview 1 (removal from desktop set)
   => not an issue, so removed

 + libgnomeprint & libgnomeprintui (removal from desktop set)
   - Mike Kestner will work on splitting the C# bindings out of
   => will be removed once this is done

Release assignments
 2.23.6   Aug 6  Vincent
 2.23.90  Aug 20 Vincent
 2.23.91  Sep 3  Matthias (with help from Vincent)
 2.23.92  Sep 10 Vincent
 2.24.0   Sep 24 Vincent
 2.24.1   Oct 22 Vincent

If people can replace Vincent for a few releases, that'd be great :-)
(especially on August 20th, if possible)

Status update for 2.23/2.24

 + evolution 2.23 is really unstable due to the disk summary feature,
   but it should improve.
 + gnome-session is not perfect.
 + issues with mounts in gvfs, but should be fixed in trunk.
 + gdm:
   - it's still not clear what to do here, it seems
   - Sebastien's mail contains a good list of major issues that should
     be resolved before we can accept the new gdm:
   - needs a clear statement from the release team to the gdm team

Schedule for 2.25/2.26
Andre will work on this, based on the 2.21/2.22 schedule. We'd like to
avoid having Christmas holidays during the discussion for new module

Note that we have some scripts in the releng modules to make the
schedule creation easy: see tools/schedule/

No time to discuss it.


Next meeting
The next meeting will occur between 2.23.92 and 2.24.1, ie in September
or October.

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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