Re: I screwed up with Orca v2.20.1

Hi Willie,

Le dimanche 28 octobre 2007, à 21:56 -0400, Willie Walker a écrit :
> Hi All:
> I think I've been working too hard.
> On Oct 14, I sent out a release for Orca v2.20.1 for the GNOME 2.20.1 
> release.  In doing the Orca v2.21.1 release for GNOME 2.21.1 tonight, I 
> discovered that I uploaded the Orca v2.20.1 tarball to, 
> but never did an install-module.  DARN!  :-(
> Since the Orca v2.20.1 release does contain some good fixes, I went 
> ahead and did an install-module of the Orca v2.20.1 tarball anyway for 
> those people that want the tarball (i.e., those that want the fixes and 
> don't want to pull from SVN).  I'll try not to screw up the Orca 2.20.2 
> release for GNOME 2.20.2.

Really, don't worry :-)

Distributions will probably pick up the new release anyway, and it's of
course okay to install-module new tarballs even between release.

So, again, everything is fine :-)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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