I screwed up with Orca v2.20.1

Hi All:

I think I've been working too hard.

On Oct 14, I sent out a release for Orca v2.20.1 for the GNOME 2.20.1 release. In doing the Orca v2.21.1 release for GNOME 2.21.1 tonight, I discovered that I uploaded the Orca v2.20.1 tarball to master.gnome.org, but never did an install-module. DARN! :-(

Since the Orca v2.20.1 release does contain some good fixes, I went ahead and did an install-module of the Orca v2.20.1 tarball anyway for those people that want the tarball (i.e., those that want the fixes and don't want to pull from SVN). I'll try not to screw up the Orca 2.20.2 release for GNOME 2.20.2.

Sorry about that,


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