Re: libnotify as a dependency?

On 3/28/07, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:
(discussing this on the list, as decided at the last meeting.)

err... where did this discussion come up?
only thing i can find is [1], which does not contain any arguments.
or is that part of the recent "Desktop sounds in Gnome" thread on d-d-l,
to use libnotify for playing sounds, as maintained by richard at [2] (no
follow-up posting so far)?

i don't have a strong opinion here (do i have one at all? ;-), i'd feel
better if there would be some developers that could convince me how much
easier and better for the dev and the user it would be to have libnotify
as an external dependency.

It has come up several times.  You noted the most recent question
about it, but I remember a couple others (going back several months).
I think there's about a dozen modules with an optional dependency on
libnotify, and I think most distros are shipping with it.  It's
something that most everyone seemed to agree was functionality we need
and want. be useful it requires notification-daemon, which
requires libsexy, which is yet-another-widget-library. Project Ridley
exists precisely to get rid of our proliferation of widget libraries,
so in some sense it sounds counter-productive.  This was the main
sticking point when libnotify was proposed for inclusion in the
desktop around the 2.14 cycle or so; so really the question is whether
people's opinions have changed now that it has been even more widely
adopted or whether we should continue fighting for widget library
count sanity.

I'm one of the fence sitters, so I was hoping others would respond to
the d-d-l threads...but we really should respond to at least one of
them.  Even if it's months after the fact.



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