libcolorblind as a dependency?

(discussing this on the list, as decided at the last meeting.)

Carlos Eduardo R. Diógenes proposed libcolorblind as an external
dependency for gnome-mag [1].

Daniel Ruoso (the maintainer) wrote that "usually the people who would
use the colorblind filters would not need the zooming [...]
Probably just creating a gnome-applet that does what test/control-client
(inside gnome-mag source) does [...]"[2] and "I'm colorblind, but I
don't need a screen magnifier."[3]

so in my humble opinion, i would prefer to get this somewhere else into
the system, perhaps the window manager (someone may correct me if i'm
wrong), because it's not really a magnifier issue, but a more general
approach is needed.

comments welcome.



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