Re: Unapproved changes

On Mon, 12 Mar 2007 18:14:49 +0100, William Jon McCann <mccann jhu edu> wrote:

Seems like you made a change to gnome-screensaver yesterday [1]
without approval.


As you should know the standard protocol is that all patches require
approval from the package maintainer.  The procedure for submitting
patches is detailed in the README.  And anyone who has ever submitted
a patch knows that I generally review patches promptly.  It is not
your responsibility to determine what needs changing when and whether
it requires approval.  Doing this the day before a release is pretty
uncool.  I'll appreciate your attention to this in the future.

While working on our latest GnomeGoal[2] I ended up in a dilemma.
While some maintainers got upset for being disturbed by proposing such
rather non-intrusive changes on bugzilla[3] and people on #gnome-hackers
suggested to just commit them, some maintainers got upset when I started
committing without proposing patches. This is not an encouraging situation.
I was well aware that the 2.18 tarball preparation was just a day ahead
and worked extra cautious. This certainly does not justify my actions.

Anyways, I apologise for the inapropriate actions taken by me. I hope I
will not cause any future trouble for you or for the release team to which
this issue has been escalated. I appreciate your efforts to quickly review
patches as I believe this strongly encourages contributors.
I hope I can still be a useful Gnome foundation member.


Christian Kirbach
Christian Kirbach siemens com
+49 176 23861781

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