Re: Stepping down; Calvin as replacement

On 1/28/07, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
Hi Federico,

(I removed Calvin from CC)

Le vendredi 26 janvier 2007, à 11:29, Federico Mena Quintero a écrit :
> Hi, everyone,
> On IRC I had already mentioned my intentions to step down from the
> release team, as I haven't done anything for the past year.  I've hung
> on to my membership, since just mentioning "I'm a member of the GNOME
> release team" at expensive restaurants is enough to get me a free meal,
> or at least some dessert.  But anyway.
> Calvin Gaisford (on the CC line) is one of our iFolder superstars at
> Novell, and he was recently assimilated by the desktop team.  We're
> thinking that he would be a good replacement for me on the release team,
> since he actually has the intention of doing useful work :)

I'm a bit worried that Calvin is nearly unknown within the community.
It'd make more sense to me to see him more involved before he joins the
release team.

Historical note:

During the 2.0 cycle, we had a sun dude involved (whose name now
completely escapes me) who was also a virtual community unknown, but
otherwise had a lot of Serious Software Experience. That worked out
well- he gave good advice and was useful to have around.

That said, release team was a more active/involved group at the time;
things may be different now.

I can also vouch for Calvin being Good People(tm); I've never worked
with him directly but he seems like a really nice guy and very sharp.

Federico- what are his expectations- why does he want to be involved?
It seems to me that is a critical question.


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