Comments about 2.17.5 release

Hi there,

Some quick comments about this release. It went quite well overall.

I opened a bunch of bugs during the smoketesting. Quick copy&paste from

395152 	zenity 		UNCO 	nor 	Double clicking on a date in the calendar should close the window
395146 	orca 		UNCO 	nor 	Crash at start
395135 	gnome-games 	UNCO 	nor 	Is the black background setting really useful?
395134 	gnome-games 	NEW 	nor 	Should ask for a better icon
395132 	EOG 		UNCO 	nor 	Icon in applications menu is blurry
395131 	atk 		UNCO 	cri 	Crash in evolution while switching from mail to calendar
395130 	control-center 	UNCO 	nor 	Window icon is blurry in Alt+Tab
395129 	control-center 	UNCO 	nor 	"GNOME Control Center" is not a good name for the .desktop file
395126 	gnome-utils 	UNCO 	nor 	Default size of the similar words sidebar is not optimal
395122 	control-center 	UNCO 	nor 	Name in shell is "Keyboard" (instead of Keyboard accessibility)
395121 	gnome-themes 	UNCO 	nor 	Glossy is not correctly installed
395115 	control-center 	UNCO 	nor 	Color schemes: initial items in the combo box
395113 	control-center 	UNCO 	nor 	Save button for color scheme is never sensitive

and some more that were already marked as duplicates. And I also noticed
some already reported bugs. But nothing big.

The only big thing is gnome-system-tools making nautilus hang on
startup. I saw Elijah downgraded g-s-t for the last release, but I
didn't do it this time, for a few reasons:

 + I talk with Carlos and I think I gave him enough informations so that
   he can fix it
 + it only happens when using a special prefix for the build (that's why
   we're seeing it while smoketesting, but nobody else sees it)
 + we need to start testing this g-s-t version
 + you can pass --disable-shares to configure to fix it :-)

Also, I noticed that some apps had detachable toolbars, while some
hadn't, and that file-roller menu bar became detachable when changing
the "make toolbar detachable" setting in the capplet while it is open. I
guess the various behaviours can be explained by apps using gtk+ or
libbonoboui for the toolbars... I'd need to look at this with more
details (or if someone has a clue about this, please share it with me


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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