Re: UI-freeze break

On Mon, 2007-08-27 at 14:27 +0200, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> (trying to resend this as my last mail was stopped in moderation, but 
> being subscribed to the list this time)
> Hi all!
> During GUADEC the artwork dudes decided that we needed to replace the 
> default background from the bluegreyish thing to something that actually 
> looks nice. After a _lot_ of discussion (anyone can paint a bike shed, 
> right? :) ) we decided on this [1]+[2] and apparently we need to get it 
> in today, before the code freeze. We need to install this from libgnome 
> (kmaraas, this is ok, right?), as not everyone will install 
> gnome-backgrounds, and Vincent Untz will help me out with fixing stuff.
> I therefore request a UI-freeze break. Luckily the default background is 
> not used in any documentation that I'm aware of.
> 1.
> 2.

But it's green!

/me mopes away ;)

Did anybody reply to you on this?  Only the release team can
give you the approval, so you need to email them.  In fact,
I'll just go ahead and CC them on this email.

You need approval from two release team members.  I'm not a
release team member, so this isn't one.  Sometimes release
team members make their approval contingent upon approval
from the documentation team.  If that happens, here's my

(The code freeze, by the way, isn't until September 10.)


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