Freeze Break request for gtkmm (API)

I'd like to request a API freeze break for gtkmm to add some new API
(and deprecate the old versions).  The issue is that some of the gdkmm
cairo helper functions take a reference to a RefPtr instead of a const
reference.  This makes it impossible to call these functions from
within other functions that accept const references (see the bug
report [1] for more information).  I have attached a patch to the bug
that adds overloaded functions that accept a const reference and
deprecated the old versions.  In addition I've fixed a TODO in the
source code, so the new versions of rectangle() and region() that take
a const reference are now called add_rectangle_to_path() and
add_region_to_path().  Existing code will continue to work without
modifications since no API is being removed, only deprecated.  Murray
has expressed his approval for the patch in the bug report, so I just
need release-team approval before applying it.




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