Re: gnome-system-monitor 2.19.91 not buildable

> Hi Benoît,
> I'm taking care of GNOME 2.19.91 release and it seems tarball for
> gnome-system-monitor 2.19.91 were built with an old version of intltool
> (0.35.5) which is preventing build unless you force an intltoolize.
> Could you issue a tarball generated with a new intltool
> (0.36.1), please ?

I've realized that problem this morning.
I guess the same problem occurs with libgtop.

I don't know how this problem appeared. I think i distcheck on Saturday,
upgraded my Debian on Sunday and then dist.
Re-running autogen fixes the problem.

> The faster the better :)

I can upload new tarballs tonight 19H00 UTC+2. If this is too late, you're
free to upload new tarballs yourselves (or have someone do it).


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