GNOME Showstopper Review.


in general, the number of reports with lots of duplicates has fallen.
several reasons that come to my mind: ubuntu 7.04 reporting to by default, our auto-reject feature, and a high number of
useless reports from opensuse, debian and especially fedora that get
marked as incomplete. (nevertheless, the number of reports filed to
gnome bugzilla has increased by about 80% for each of the last 2 years.)

anyway, 'nuff said, here we go:

=> Random evolution crashes around camel-partition-table.c:870
94 dups total.
Several very similar traces in the mailer, seems like Lucky is looking
into this.
=> crash in camel_certdb_save at camel-certdb.c:371
68 dups total, 18 in the last 30 days.
Crash when writing the certificates database. afaik, Sankar is looking
into this.

=> crash in gtk_rc_reset_styles()
170 dups total, 92 in the last 30 days.
(Perhaps Fedora specific.) If anybody can reproduce this, please provide
the relevant selinux log for vuntz, and the value of the
gconf /desktop/gnome/font_rendering. Help appreciated.

=> "Open with" menu has no effect
the "open with" context menu of files and directories has no effect.
this does not happen in all GTK apps (mitch couldn't see this in gimp),
and more investigation and especially a test case are appreciated.

=> crash in About GNOME

513 dups total. the crash itself is fixed by comment 65, but it still
throws warnings that behdad wants to fix, that's why it's still open.


Changes/Fixes since the last review[1]:
      * EVOLUTION: 334966 has been fixed in 2.10.2 and 2.11.2, but still
        getting enough dup reports, distros: please update/backport.
      * GNOME-TERMINAL: 348979 has NOT been fixed, but does not get any
        dups anymore. therefore not a blocker anymore.
      * GTK+: 349697 also does not get that many dups anymore (~+150 in
        the last 110 days). not a blocker anymore, gtk+ >= 2.10.8 will
        tell whether this has been fixed.
      * GNOME-UTILS\logview: 364106 has been fixed for 2.18.1.
      * GTK+: 363289 has been fixed by revision 17753 in trunk (not in

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