Re: A little UI change in gtk-engines


On Tue, 2007-21-08 at 15:16 +0200, Andrea Cimitan wrote:
> We have made some last minute UI changes to gtk-engines.
> These changes are very small and will not affect the stability in any
> way. In fact, these changes were tested for 3 months, but accidentally
> we removed them in the last release (it was a mistake). Now we'd like to
> revert them, also because our work in the last months was done in that
> direction.
> They have been approved by both Benjamin Berg and Thomas Wood, the
> gtk-engines maintainers, by me (the author of the current gtk-engines),
> and our "artistic mentor" Andreas Nilsson.

Well, not quite an accident. I was trying to address bug #462723. I do
realise that it was not a good idea without requesting a freeze break
and discussing the issue more.
(Andrea was on holidays at the time, and so unfortunately we were not
able to discuss it at that point.)

So the changes in question are (and may be considered separately):
 - Putting back the coloured scrollbar (which I removed on the 16th
breaking freeze)
 - Changing the colour scheme to use "warmer" colours.

Andrea, as the theme author, prefers the colored scrollbars a lot. One
arguments in favour of colouring the scrollbar is that it is easy to see
the "page size" and if eg. the document is longer. This can be
considered a usability feature.
Other than that it does look more modern. One of the main arguments for
doing this change is of course that it reverts the freeze break change
that I have done earlier.

Two screenshots comparing the difference (these are with the new color

About changing the theme to use warmer colours. As there were some
complaints that the blueish colour is too cold, Andrea suggested to
modify the background colour slightly. The suggested change is to modify
the background colour from #EBECED to #EDECEB. I agree that the new
colour is nicer and I think that this change is very good and luckily
not too visible.

Is it OK to make these two changes?


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