Re: Feature freeze break request: small addition to Tomboy note synchronization (FTP support)

On 8/4/07, Sanford Armstrong <sanfordarmstrong gmail com> wrote:
> > I would like to apply the patch in bug #463440 [1], which adds support
>    <snip>
> Please ignore this request; I take it back.  I was not aware of the
> serious compatibility problems that curlftpfs has with various
> (randomly distributed, it seems) versions of libcurl.  Supposedly
> these issues are fixed in the development releases of libcurl, but
> that defeats the whole purpose of providing FTP support as more of an
> "everyman" solution.
> Basically, when mixed with the wrong version of libcurl, curlftpfs
> hangs in a very bad way (most users would not know how to recover from
> it without logging out).
> Sorry for the noise,

No worries; thanks for the quick update and the hard work.  :-)


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