Re: R-T MEETING for module inclusion decisions

On 8/1/07, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
> Le mardi 31 juillet 2007, à 23:19 +0200, Andre Klapper a écrit :
> > so, any proposals? wednesday, thursday?
> Any time is fine for me, but I might not attend the whole meeting.

On weekdays, I'm at work (or travelling to/from) during 13:00
UTC-24:00 UTC.  So those times won't work for me.  However, I have
this Friday off, making all day fine.  Does Friday work for everyone

> > any other meeting topics that should be discussed?
> Who'll do the next releases? :-)

Yep, let's discuss that at the meeting.  I should be fairly open to
help with betas and release candidates, but I'm probably not going to
be available the week of the 17th for work reasons, which
unfortunately is exactly when 2.20 is scheduled.


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