Inclusion of GnomeScan


Since March, i'm developping Gnome Scan and Flegita (which are for now
bundled into one project) which aim to provide a scan infrastructure and
app/plugin in order to provide scan functionnalities deeply integrated
in the desktop.

I've just release Gnome Scan and Flegita 0.3. Gnome Scan allow to
acquire picture to device on top of SANE in a glib GObject way, and
building UI with predefined widget (device selector, preview, etc.) and
handle mass acquisition (taking advantage of ADF or not). Flegita
provide a tiny app and a Gimp plugin. The app allow to simply scan image
and document into file in various format including PNG and PDF. In mass
acquisition, Flegita store each image in a new page in the PDF (if

GnomeScan add a dependance on libsane 1.X, flegita depend on libgimp and
cairo 1.2 (for PDF output). The project provide documentationfor
libgnomescan and libgnomescanui. I wish to write a manual for flegita
for the 1.0 release (along with Gnome 2.18).

GnomeScan is not yet entirely hosted at (waiting for SVN).
GnomeScan homepage is . The project
has registered a product in Gnome bugzilla.

You can download the very latest release at . I propose the 0.3 release for
inclusion in Gnome 2.17.1. You can download it at .

I plan to at least sync the development cycle with the Gnome cycle, even
if the project isn't integrated. The project is still in alpha stage,
but i plan to produce a reasonabily usable 1.0 release for Gnome 2.18.

Verso l'Alto !

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