Re: Some notes about 2.15.4

Le mardi 11 juillet 2006 à 17:55 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> Hey there,
> In case somebody else wants to hit his head against a wall^W^W^W^W^W
> smoketest 2.15.4, here are some quick notes from this afternoon (with
> the modulesets from )
>  + I didn't build ekiga, but it should be possible. We have to whitelist
>    opal in the smoketest script, I guess
>  + I still have a compiling issue in iso-codes, but I fix this by
>    changing the lines causing an error to:
>      p = make_parser(["drv_libxml2"])
>  + we need a new pygtk release or to use GTK+ < 2.10.0:
>  + we need a patch for gnopernicus or ship with 1.0.4:
>  + I had difficulties for system-tools-backend because I don't have the
>    perl dbus bindings installed (and there's no package for dapper???).
>    It will be fixed in the next tarball, but it doesn't block us from
>    using the current one.
>  + jhbuild doesn't seem to know that liboobs is required for
>    gnome-system-tools
>  + gnome-session requires a new gnome-control-center. New
>    gnome-control-center means that we should use libxklavier 2.91. Which
>    means that we need a new gnome-applets release. Yay for API changes
>    :-)
>    (AFAIK, maintainers are rolling tarballs for gnome-control-center
>    and gnome-applets now)
>  + looks like we'll need a new gnome-mag release since LT_VERSION is
>    wrong (Frederic knows more about this)

We also need a libbonobo release, otherwise, we will break API/ABI
because of the move of the gnome_vfs_mime* api from gnome-vfs to

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>

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